2013 FOKC Photo Contest Winners

If you're new to our membership, you probably aren't aware that we run an annual photo contest where the prize is fame and glory -- or at least, being a masthead photo in our monthly newsletter. Under certain circumstances, winners can go on to be used as the official Alberta Parks annual Kananaskis Country poster. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case this year, as though our photos were glorious, they were not of sufficient resolution to turn into a 20" x 24" poster (anyone out there shooting at LEAST 62 megapixel images?). By popular demand, below are the Top 12 Images from this year's contest, plus 2 Honourable Mentions. Note: All of these photos have been reduced in size from the originals.

First Place:

Derek Ryder, "I Can See You!" Shot with a Fuji HS10, 370 mm lens, 1/50th sec, f4.5, ISO 800

DSCF0451Second Place

Jane Potter, "Along the Highwood River, 2011". Pentax *ist DL camera. 82 mm lens, 1/350 sec, f9.5, ISO 200 1-along the Highwood River October 2011

Third Place:

Robert Lee, "Mushrooms". Nikon D300, 72 mm lens, 1/40 sec, f10, ISO 2500 1-DSC_6692

Fourth Place:

Sorrel Holmes, "Gray Jays". Nikon D800, 70 mm lens, 1/4000 sec, f3.2, ISO 200 130210-20130210-sbh_1377_2

Fifth Place:

Jessica Munier, "Hiking near Aster Lake". Panasonic DMC-LX5, 24 mm lens, 1/800 sec, f4, ISO 80 1-P1050850

Sixth Place:

Robert Lee, "Winter Reflections", Nikon D300, 43 mm lens, 1/250 sec, f11, ISO 400 1-_DSC5410

Seventh Place:

Jessica Munier, "View from the Top". Sony NEX-5N, 30 mm lens, 1/160 sec, f13, ISO 100 1-DSC01656

Eighth Place:

Sorrel Holmes, "Stark Winter". Nikon D800, 200 mm lens, 1/2000 sec, f5.6, ISO 250 1-130210-20130210-sbh_1397

Ninth Place:

Robert Lee, "Waterfall". Nikon D300, 46 mm lens, 0.6 sec, f22, ISO 200 1-DSC_6656

Tenth Place:

Trevor Zaharichuk, "Kayaker". Canon EOS 40D, 324 mm lens, 1/6400 sec, f4, ISO 400 1-KanPhotoContest-9158

Eleventh Place:

Derek Ryder, "West Wind Pass from Wind Ridge". Olympus SP-560UZ, 27 mm lens, 1/200 sec, f6.3, ISO 50 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Twelfth Place:

Robert Lee, "Canoeing in the Mist". Nikon D300, 105 mm lens, 1/400 sec, f10, ISO 400 1-DSC_6668

Honourable Mentions:

Vince Zafra, "Mt.Baldy". Nikon 1 J1, 27 mm lens, 1/800, f5, ISO 100 1-Mount Baldy [2012.09.16] IV   Lawrence Ethier, "Sheep in Snow". Fuji HS-25EXR, 498 mm lens, 1/300, f5, ISO 100   DSCF2054