2016 Newsletter Archive

Our newsletters are sent out by e-mail every month. We’ll be posting PDFs of them here a few months after we send them out to our members. Our newsletters are meant to be read in their on-line mail out format, so we don’t advise printing them. Sometimes, they’re quite long and the photos don’t allow them to paginate well in the PDF. In addition, we are now posting them in a compressed format, reducing the image quality, which is best viewed on screen. Save paper! Just click on the photos to see a PDF of the newsletters. Enjoy!
January 2016 Contents:
  • Red squirrelChester-Sawmill Winter Trail Plan
  • K-Country Speaker Series
  • Letter from the Board: Focus Area #2
  • Hellos and Goodbyes, Birds and Windows
  • The Elements of Kananaskis: Spray Valley Provincial Park
  • The Critters of Kananaskis: Red Squirrels
February 2016 Content:
  • DeerCanmore Trail Alliance
  • K-Country Speaker Series
  • Recruiting Crew Leaders
  • Letter from the Board: Working with Respect
  • The Fire Lookouts of K-Country: Raspberry Ridge
  • The Critters of Kananaskis: Mule Deer
March 2016 Contents:
  • Trails Fest Poster_cropped2Trails Fest -June 11 - Kananaskis Village
  • Trail Care Projects - Coming Soon
  • Last Call for Crew Leaders
  • Kananaskis Country Speaker Series
  • Letter from the Board: The March Offsite
  • The Elements of Kananaskis: Heart Creek Provincial Recreation Area
  • Witch's Broom
April 2016 Contents:
  • Trail Care Projects Preview
  • Trails Fest - June 11 - Kananaskis Village
  • News From The Board: The Things You Find
  • Spring is tick seasons; Spray Lakes Sawmills Open Houses; Congratulations to Deb and Don
  • Critters of K-Country: Columbian Ground Squirrels
  • Flowers of Kananaskis: Prairie Crocus
May 2016 Contents:
  • ChipmunkTrails Fest - June 11 - Kananaskis Village
  • Trail Care Update and Upcoming Projects
  • Canmore Trail Alliance launched
  • News from the Board: The AGM
  • The Elements of Kananaskis: Kananaskis Country Public Land Use Zone
  • Critters of Kananaskis: Least Chipmunk
June 2016 Contents:
  • Rock GlaciersTrail care update
  • Trails Fest - Thanks for coming!
  • News From The Board: The Annual Report
  • Welcome to Fred Folliot; Corrections and updates
  • Kananaskis Special Places: Rock Glaciers
  • Flowers of Kananaskis: Pussytoes
July 2016 Contents:
  • Book CoverTrail Care Update & Upcoming Projects
  • Kananaskis region capital project investment support
  • News from the Board: Our book is out!
  • Welcome Dave Schultz
  • Conversations with the past: Bob Lee
  • Bear country awareness: Shepherdia