CBC Calgary Eyeopener Interview

The CBC Calgary Eyeopener was interested to learn more about our volunteer Trail Inventory Collection Project.

The goal will be to inventory all designated trails that are located in the Kananaskis Country - Public Land Use Zone – the area East of Kananaskis along Highway 66, the Powderface Road, and further South East from there (no trails in the Protected Areas of Kananaskis are included in the project).

Here's the interview: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/programs/eyeopener/outdated-signs-in-k-country-1.4117407

Here's the CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/kananaskis-signs-trails-volunteers-1.4120446

And here's more info on this project:

Due this project's great coverage, we have recruited enough volunteers. Thanks for everyone's interest in helping!

The Public Land - Backcountry Trails team needs your help in collecting trail, sign, and infrastructure inventory on public land. This opportunity includes hiking an assigned trail with a partner or group of friends. You will be provided a tablet to GPS track the trail as well as identify signage and infrastructure locations and its condition.

This information will help the Backcountry team inventory the trail conditions of selected designated trails on public land, where signage is missing or outdated, as well as where the infrastructure is and if it is functioning or needing repairs/maintenance. This information will help the Backcountry team identify where they should deploy their team in order to prioritize improvement projects.

We are recruiting volunteers to help with this project. Volunteers will be trained on how to use the tablet and gather the data in a consistent manner.

A one-hour training session will be offered on June 11 at 3:00pm at the Canmore Nordic Centre - following Trails Fest.

Project Dates: This project will occur from June 24 – July 10. Selected trails will be offered to volunteers for inventorying between these dates. List of selected trails to be inventoried will be shared at the June 11 training.

Sign Up: Interested in hiking and inventorying trails between June 24 – July 10! Sign up HERE.