We are pleased to announce a new ‘Speaker Series’ partnership with Alberta Parks. The Friends of Kananaskis - Speaker Series (held at the University of Calgary) and the Peter Lougheed Discovery Series (held at the PLPP Discovery Centre Theatre) will now be rolled into one series as the KANANASKIS SPEAKER and DISCOVERY SERIES - offering a dynamic series of speakers and discovery events between Calgary and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Upcoming presentations include:

MEGAN EVANS - January 25, 2018: The Buzz About Native Bees

CORRIE TURNER - January 28, 2018: Winter Ecology and Wildlife Survival

CHRISTIAN STENNER - February 15, 2018: The Caves of Kananaskis and Beyond

ROBYN MULLIGAN - February 25, 2018: Nature-Inspired Art Workshop

NIKKI HEIM - March 15, 2018: Wolverine Populations in South-Central Alberta 

For more information about the above presentations, click HERE

In collaboration with the University of Calgary's Palliser Club.