We got it!

IMG_8248Our clean up of Dead Man's Flats on Saturday, August 20th was a great success! Just under 25 people came out to help, including local residents from the Rivers Bend community, the Pigeon Creek Condos and others. Finds of the day includes:
  • The compressor

    The compressor

    A 150 psi air compressor. It was upside down and buried in the silt with only the bottom visible, and looked like a propane tank. Digging gently around it unearthed electrical connections, but it took 3 people over an hour to discover and unearth the compressor motor on top of it!
  • A hair cutting kit, complete with all the attachments and an extension cord;
  • IMG_8254A window air conditioner almost completely buried that looked like a bit of sheet metal when we found it;
  • 3 oil drums.
Many of the pallets were completely buried and had to be dug out.

The stuff we removed

The wood pile alone, made up of pallets and general bits of wood, measured 16' wide by 9' long by 4' tall. Thanks to our sponsors and local businesses Thunderstone Quarry (who will haul away all the trash), the Dead Man's Flats Husky station, who provided all the volunteers great hot dogs and pop, Mad Dog Cafe and the Big Horn Motel!