2013 Newsletter Archive

Our newsletters are sent out by e-mail every month. We'll be posting PDFs of them here about 2 weeks after we send them out to our members. Our newsletters are meant to be read in their on-line mail out format, so we don't advise printing them. Sometimes, they're quite long and the photos don't allow them to paginate well. In addition, we are now posting them in a compressed format, reducing the image quality, best viewed on screen. Save paper! Just click on the photos to see the newsletters. Enjoy!
December 2013 Featured Content:
  • 130210-20130210-sbh_1377_2Our annual thank you newsletter
  • A letter to the Friends from Mark Storie, Kananaskis Regional Director, Alberta Parks
  • Announcing our winter speakers series
  November 2013 Featured Content:
  • Spring PhotoNovember Trail Care update: Gremlins
  • News from the Board: The SSRP and You
  • News from your Society: Discounts for volunteers, flood mitigation news, XC ski trail info & more
  • The Seasons of Kananaskis: A guest article
October 2013 Featured Content:
  • DSC_9628Hot off the Press: $60 million for K-Country
  • October Trail Care update: Looking Back
  • Moose on the Loose
  • News from your Society: Farewell to Mark, an upcoming recognition event, one last survey opportunity reminder
  • Kananaskis Special Places Part 6: Mysterious Springs
September 2013 Featured Content:
  • bfp602_01Our upcoming fundraiser
  • September Trail Care update
  • A major donation announcement
  • News from the Board & your Society: Our new logo, our new donors, a survey opportunity reminder
  • Kananaskis Special Places Part 5b: The Rae Glacier
August 2013 Featured Content:
  • Rock retaining wall built with the Friends, Aug 22August Trail Care update
  • News from the Board
  • News from your Society: A fundraiser, a survey opportunity, and a volunteer conference
  • Kananaskis Special Places, Part 5: Glaciers - Old Goat Glacier
  • The Movies of Kananaskis: Inception
July 2013 Featured Content:
  • PulaskiWelcome to all our new members
  • 2013 Flood Update
  • Park's wish list
  • July Trail Care update
  • News from the Board: The Friends' Business Plan
  • Goodbye and thanks to Mike
  • Website update
  • Fundraising Updates
  • Understanding UTMs
480193_673988612618404_1138711351_nJune 2013 Featured Content:
  • Flood damage report
  • Trail care report and update
  • There's a bear across the street
  Hwy 40 Cleanup copyMay 2013 Featured Content:
  • Photo contest results
  • Trails care and highway clean up report
  • How trails are selected for trail care projects
  • Board Updates: Welcome to Mike Schragge, the AGM, the HELS Project
  • My Favourite Trail: West Wind Pass
  • The Movies of Kananaskis: Legends of the Fall
Hiking Time ChartApril 2013 Featured Content:
  • Up coming trail care days
  • Report on the Board off-site meeting
  • Calculating hiking times
  • The Movies of Kananaskis: Paschendaele 
Mystery Alaska-02March 2013 Featured Content:
  • The Great 2013 Photo Contest
  • 2013 Trails Care Season description
  • News from the Board
  • The Yin and Yang of Hiking Poles
  • The Movies of Kananaskis: Mystery, Alaska
_DSC6869February 2013 Featured Content:
  • 2013 Trail Care Planning
  • Meet some new Directors of the Friends
  • Your iPhone as a GPS
  • The Movies of Kananaskis: Open Range
1970 Article 1January 2013 Featured Content:
  • Welcome to Rosemary Power
  • TransAlta returns as primary sponsor for 2013
  • Board Update: 2013 Plans
  • Kananaskis's Special Places: The Secret Cave
  • The Movies of Kananaskis: The Edge