Canmore Trail Alliance

In response to the Canmore community expressing a need and desire for more public engagement and volunteer stewardship of local trails, primarily located on Kananaskis County park land, the Friends of Kananaskis County initiated the Canmore Trail Alliance (CTA). Canmore is known for its active lifestyle, vibrant culture, natural beauty, and commitment to sustainable ecology. Through partnership with land managers, recreational groups, clubs, businesses, and the community at large, the CTA engages trail users in planning, design, construction and maintenance of trails in the Canmore area.

Vision To maintain a sustainable trail system that contributes to a vibrant, active Canmore.

Mission Collaborative partnerships working to develop and maintain shared trails that promote healthy living.


  • Trust, collaboration and inclusiveness
  • Quality trails for all trail enthusiasts
  • Partnership for the benefit of all groups
  • Education for responsible use of trails and environmental stewardship
  • Public knowledge, awareness and respect for trails and trail users
Guiding Principles

The  Recreational Opportunities Working Group – Recommendations Report guides various initiative undertaken by the CTA.

CTA Role

Identify trail projects that require volunteer work. Provide trained crew leaders to lead volunteer crews. Help develop and advance trail initiatives that enhance Canmore area trails. Provide trail updates and education. Encourage participation. Promote collaboration and inclusion. Represent trail users.CTA-LOGO-BLK