Trail Love – Give Back

Our love for Kananaskis Country and its trails unites us. We enjoy our trail network for many reasons: fitness, the thrill, an excuse for coffee and cake with friends. But what makes us love our Kananaskis trails? To answer that, you may have to look a little deeper.

We encourage you to take time to reflect on your Kananaskis Country trail adventures and why you love them. For years, the Friends of Kananaskis Country have been working behind the scenes to improve your beloved trails. Our continued work is an integral part of what makes Kananaskis Country so great. Now you can show your trail love with a donation to the Friends of Kananaskis Country.

From November 15 - December 7 - Help Us Raise $7,000

Your generous support will ensure our programs continue to foster a powerful, broad-based public connection with Kananaskis Country through trail stewardship, volunteer trail work events, education and outreach.

November 15 - National Philanthropy Day is a celebration of philanthropy - giving, volunteering and charitable engagement. This day highlights the accomplishments, large and small, that all those involved in the philanthropic process make to our society and our world. 

Show Your Trail Love and Celebrate Philanthropy - Donate Today


Extra love from ATB Cares,15% of every dollar you donate will be matched!

Our mission is exciting; creating opportunities for people who care about Kananaskis, to give back to the place they love.    

- Derek Ryder, Chair


Friend of Kananaskis Country encourages and facilitates many ways for Albertans to engage in a positive partnership with Alberta Parks to plan, build and maintain quality trails in Kananaskis Country.     

- Don Cockerton, Volunteer Crew Leader



I volunteer for Friends of Kananaskis Country because when hikers and skiers go on the trails we have cleared it will make them happy.

– Caitlin Irwin, 11-year-old Volunteer




Trail Love Definition (Urban Dictionary):

Cuts, scrapes, and scratches to the skin (particularly bleeders. Minor to serious) from rock, dirt, or vegetation while hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, approaching rock climbing walls, or other outdoor trail sports. Often from a crash or a fall, but can also be from pushing through thick vegetation or rocks on narrow trails. Implies an abusive relationship with the trail, but actually emphasizes the person's love and respect for the unbiased nature of the outdoors.


We look forward to reporting on the campaign's progress and reminding you that

November 28 - GivingTuesday
December 5 - International Volunteer Day
December 7 - Last Day of Fundraiser