Speaker Series

2016 Speaker Series BANNERNow into its 4th year, the Friends of Kananaskis Country, in partnership with the University of Calgary's Palliser Club, will once again be hosting our Kananaskis Country Speaker Series. This is your opportunity to hear talks from leading experts on topics related to Kananaskis.

All presentations at the University of Calgary - General Admissions - $5 Suggested Donation - No Pre-Show Ticket Sell.

Speaker Series Line Up:

Barry Blanchard - January 12, 7:00pm

University of Calgary, Science Theatres, ST 135 - 527 Campus Place NW

Wasootch Slabs, the Kananaskis and Beyond

Worl2011.Mar.19 07d class alpinist, Mountain Guide and southern Albertan, Barry Blanchard recounts how he learned to climb in the Kananaskis and how that education led him to bigger adventures in the valley and, eventually, expeditions to the earth’s Greater Ranges. Barry will combine readings from his book, The Calling, with slides and stories to tell how the Kananaskis helped to shape his life in the mountains.


Donna Schley - February 28, 7:00pm

University of Calgary, Science Theatres, ST 135 - 527 Campus Place NW

Conservation Officers - Guardians of Alberta Parks

Donna with goslingConservation Officers within Kananaskis Country perform unique and varied job functions. Join officer Donna Schley for a look into her role and responsibilities.  Conservation Officers are often perceived as the ‘back bone’ of the park.  Whether they are called upon to assist Public Safety staff during search and mountain rescue missions, to perform bear aversion near park campgrounds and facilities, or to investigate a wildlife poaching or other offence Conservation Officers are the guardians of Alberta Parks.  Donna will take a look at the evolution of Kananaskis Country Conservation Officers and the skills and certifications necessary to achieve their goals.


Lesley Peterson - March 23, 7:00pm

University of Calgary, Earth Sciences, ES 162 - 844 Campus Place NW

Whirling Disease

Lesley Peterson is Trout Unlimited Canada's Alberta Biologist, based in Calgary. She is a member of the provincial Whirling Disease Committee which was established in late summer 2016 in response to the first detection of Whirling Disease in Canada. Whirling disease, which affects salmonid such as trout and whitefish, was confirmed in Banff in August 2016 and has since been confirmed at dozens of sites along the Bow River and in some commercial aquaculture facilities.

Lesley's presentation will include a background on whirling disease including the life cycle of the parasite that causes it, the history and distribution of the disease and how it can affect fish. She will also provide an update on the situation in Alberta and what we can all do to prevent the spread of whirling disease and other aquatic invasive species.