Environmental Education

Our Education program focuses on a variety of projects that benefit our members and Kananaskis users.

Speaker Series

In the 2014, we initiated our annual Speaker Series at the University of Calgary tying environmental education and trails. We have had great speaker’s present important initiatives and/or issues related to the Kananaskis Country region and surrounding area.

Speakers have included:

2014 Speakers:

Steve Herrero: Grizzlies - Sharing our Forests; Brian Keating: Going Wild!

2015 Speakers:

John Paczkowski and Gordon Stenhouse: A Two-Part Talk - Grizzly Bear Research in Kananaskis Country and Alberta; Will Gadd: 20 Trips of a Lifetime in 60 Minutes.

2016 Speakers:

Ben Gadd: Icefield bunnies, gullible bees and why the tallest mountain is not the highest; Kevin Van Tighem: Heart Waters - Restoring Alberta’s Rivers; Matt Mueller: Kananaskis Public Safety - Mountain Rescue Operations.

2017 Speakers:

Barry Blanchard: Wasootch Slabs, the Kananaskis and Beyond; Donna Schley: Kananaskis Conservation Officers - Guardians of Alberta Parks; Lesley Peterson: Whirling Disease.


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Interpretive Trail Signage

In 2014, we signed an agreement with Alberta Parks to assist with updating all interpretive trail signs in K-Country. The first phase of this project is to replace signage that was damaged or destroyed by the 2013 flood.

This project will enhance visitor’s knowledge, thus positively influencing their awareness and understanding about the natural aspects of the sites. The Calgary Foundation has awarded $77,000 to support the replacement of interpretive signage damaged or destroyed by the 2013 flood in 6 priority locations: Heart Creek Trail, Elbow Fall, Beaver Flat Trail, Rawson Lake Trail, Ribbon Creek Trail, and Eau Claire.