Kananaskis Trail Stewardship

The culture of trail stewardship starts within our community. We strive to offer volunteer opportunities to enhance community involvement with our organization and to foster a powerful, broad-based public connection with Kananaskis Country. Our projects engage volunteers at all levels of ability and intensity, offering everyone an opportunity to give back to the Kananaskis Country trails they love.

We take pride in working to preserve the precious natural resources in balance with recreational needs for future generations.



Trail Days

Kananaskis Country is a wilderness playground for hikers, cyclists, skiers, snowshoers and other outdoor enthusiasts who rely on the vast network of stunning yet safe trails to experience to outdoors. Maintenance of these trails is the responsibility of Alberta Environment and Parks. We primarily carry out volunteer trail days throughout Kananaskis Country under the supervision of Alberta Parks staff to ensure safe, appropriate efforts to provide trail care and stewardship at the highest level of practice. The Friends also supports additional trail projects (aside from Alberta Parks); in partnership with Alberta TailNet and McElhanney Consulting Services we are assisting with the trail building and of the High Rockies Trail and in partnership with the Town of Canmore.

Trail days typically consist of 10-20 volunteers who spend a half or full-day building and maintaining hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing trails.

A Friends’ volunteer Crew Leader oversees the group on behalf of the Friends and in partnership with Alberta Parks trail crew.

Volunteers work is carried out using trail building hand tools such as a pulaski, axe, shovel, rake and shears to dig and rake duff and earth, lift and clear rocks and deadfall, and prune roots and shrubs.

Tools are provided and maintained by Alberta Parks trail crews, and the Friends contribute annually to the tool inventory to ensure there is sufficient supply for volunteers.

It’s important to note that Alberta Parks only work on official trails. Many trails people use are not official. Unofficial trails get no maintenance from Parks.

Join Us

If you wish to get involved, join us, it’s free! By signing up, you’ll receive notifications for upcoming Trail Care events and have access to all trail event sign ups.

Take the Lead

If you are interested in greater involvement and inspiring others, consider a leadership role as a Crew Leader and enroll in our Volunteer Crew Leader Training courses normally held in the spring. Interested? Contact Us.

Here’s what you can expect for 2016 and beyond:

  • Limited (1-3 week) advanced notice for work project calls;
  • Several day projects working on one specific trail or area;
  • Hard work at the start of these multi day projects, and easier work as the project goes on;
  • Last minute switches in location on work projects;
  • Projects throughout Kananaskis Country