Who We Are

Magnificent mountains as far as the eyes can see… Fresh, clear rivers, lakes and streams… Abundant wildlife and diverse vegetation… Stunning foothills, grasslands, forests and flower-filled meadows… This is Kananaskis Country — the quintessential Alberta landscape and icon of Canada’s natural beauty.
Located in Southwest Alberta’s Eastern Slopes foothills and mountains, Kananaskis Country covers over 4,200 square kilometres of some of the most  spectacular scenery  in the world.

The Friends of Kananaskis Country is a federally-registered charity committed to sharing this special place with the world through education, community engagement and volunteer participation. We are aligned with the Government of Alberta’s vision of engaging the public in participating in the long-term use and enjoyment of Kananaskis Country though a Cooperating Agreement we have with Alberta Parks.

We are a community of over 1,500 individuals committed to the balanced, sustainable use of Kananaskis Country, as well as the protection and sharing of its unique natural and cultural experiences.  With over 4 million visits per year, and a population base exceeding 1 million bordering this natural wonderland, Kananaskis Country is not immune to development and use pressures. Working collaboratively with our partners, we develop programs and activities that:

  • Actively protect the ecosystems within Kananaskis Country through trail care and other volunteer programs;
  • Educate people about the appropriate use of this natural treasure through our environmental education programs;
  • Engage communities and individuals in the stewardship of Kananaskis Country through direct participation and sponsorship opportunities;
  • Support sustainable use initiatives undertaken in partnership with the Kananaskis division of Environment and Parks.